Marketing 20/20 for Higher Education

Having an omni-channel marketing strategy is crucial for all higher education institutions heading into 2020. Students are more sophisticated than ever and turn to a variety of people and platforms to get their information on your school. From Google to Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat, your website to email, advertisements to word of mouth - it all matters. If you hire AdHub, you're getting a partner whose goals are the same as yours - to drive an increase in admissions with quality students. Here's how we do it:

  • Mobile advertisements via digital billboards, retargeting, and more

  • Diverse advertising campaigns built out on Google, YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram

  • New platform coverage on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your presence on Google

  • Email marketing funnels and email referral campaign build-outs

  • Social media marketing strategy for all major platforms 

  • Geo-fence advertising campaigns and yield retargeting

  • Admissions consulting services with our VP of Enrollment

Who We Work With:

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