The Question - 

Since the beginning of time (or at least since Google started tracking search trends) people have been asking "What is it like to...?" about all sorts of experiences.

The Solution - 

We have always had to find answers to those questions through other people and their experiences (think about editorials, pictures, recommendations from friends, and reviews). That doesn't have to be the only way to answer the question anymore.

Artificial Reality for a Mobile Age

Now we can experience for ourselves what it is like to do almost anything through immersive mixed reality content. I know, when you hear virtual reality you think headsets that make the wearer look like some sort of cyborg. Not so with LEAPGATE. Our immersive experiences are streamable through any browser on any device - A breakthrough in accessibility. 


Immersive content is one of the most powerful conversion tools when built right, and we believe we are the right partner to help you navigate this new media. 



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